Parish Manufacturing’s M-235 filler is a double-head, semi-automatic bag-in-box filler. Similar to the M-135, the M-235 filler is economical, easy to use and maintain.

The Parish M-235 filler provides you higher production rates over the single-head M-135 filler. This filler has the capability of filling up to 7 bags (5 gallon) per minute. Fill rates will vary due to bag size, product supply rates and product characteristics. This filler has a slightly larger footprint than the M-135 filler, but is easily integrated into most production areas.

New to the M-235 filler is an Allen-Bradley touch screen that gives the operator a simple, easy to use interface with the filler. The filler also has a C.I.P. function, that makes cleaning and sanitation faster and easier.

This filler complies with Grade-A dairy sanitation standards and has the ability to fill bags, pails, drums or totes. The Parish M-235 can provide reliable and accurate filling for bags from 1 Liter to 330 gallons.

For more information, please contact Rapak and a representative will be happy to answer any of your questions.
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