DS Smith Rapak's quality standards are unsurpassed. Samples from every lot of bags and molded parts are checked for adherence to manufacturing and performance specifications. Each carton is labeled for quality audit tracking.


Rapak’s high standards of quality provide products that comply with FDA standards for Grade-A-Dairy packaging. Our facilities are inspected on a quarterly basis to ensure the highest standards of sanitation.

Cost Effectiveness:

Compare our solutions with other forms of packaging and other bag-in-box manufacturers and see just how cost effective Rapak can be for you.

Service Excellence:

Rapak has the resources and manufacturing focus to guarantee your need is met. We will ensure that the correct quantities are delivered where and when you need them.

Product Availability:

Rapak does not provide “off the shelf” bags which almost meet your needs; instead, we strive to meet your exact needs, and stand behind our packaging with excellent customer service every step of the way.


Each bag order is designed and produced to meet the customer’s specific requirements; depending on material, size, fitment and quantity. Instead of starting with a bag, we start with your need, assuring the ideal package for your application


Rapak uses a variety of films from among the world’s most respected suppliers to fit your bag needs: polyethylene, nylon, metalized, foil laminates and others. We have the flexibility to equip your bag from a variety of caps, spouts, tubes or other fitments.

Rapak can also help you design a package for processed food products as well as all other aspects of the bag in box packing process.

A Rapak representative is ready and eager to help you with your packaging questions. Contact Rapak to start exploring your bag-in-box packaging options.
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