Aseptic processing of food products is becoming a more accepted and popular option for many food processors. Rapak can help you work through the aseptic process and provide quality bags with the proper barriers to protect your product.

With aseptic food packaging, the package and the food product are sterilized separately. Then the commercially sterile product and the commercially sterile package are combined in a commercially sterile environment (filler). Aseptic processing and packaging can enable food products to be shelf stable and do not require refrigeration before use. Rapak will help you determine the packaging specifications to transport and protect your aseptically processed food product.

Bag-in-box aseptic and ESL applications…

Fluid dairy products and dairy concentrates
Fruit purees and concentrates
Tomato products
Iced Coffee
Experience with high and low acid food products

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Rapak can also help you design a package for processed food products as well as all other aspects of the bag in box packing process.

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