Using bag-in-box packaging, from Rapak, is a cost effective alternative to packaging chemicals and cleaners in traditional rigid packaging. Rapak can help you design a package to properly protect your product and maintain quality while offering convenient dispensing options to satisfy your customers and enhance your products. Rapak's bag-in-box packaging will offer your customers a package that reduces waste, enhances product quality due to reduced exposure to oxygen and light, increases storage space utilization and is user friendly.

Rapak’s bag-in-box packaging can be designed to include dispensing features, taps, quick connects, removable screw caps and many other options. Contact us today to begin exploring new options for packaging your products.

Bag-in-box processed food applications…

Floor cleaners
Automotive fluids
Agricultural Chemicals
Paints and stains

strippers and waxes
Automotive lubricants
Agricultural Fertilizers

Contact us about our chemicals and cleaners bag-in-box packaging solutions.

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Rapak can also help you design a package for processed food products as well as all other aspects of the bag in box packing process.

A Rapak representative is ready and eager to help you with your packaging questions. Contact Rapak to start exploring your bag-in-box packaging options.
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