Bag-in-box packaging from Rapak can provide you with cost effective options to package and protect your food products. There are many options and features that can be incorporated into bag-in-box packaging design.

Bags can be designed with:

  • Dispensing taps
  • Tamper evidence
  • Screw on/off caps
  • Dispensing valves
  • Integration with dispensing machines
  • Removable or non-removable caps

Package, transport, and store

Bag-in-box packaging is currently used to package, transport and store a variety of processed food items.  The food products range from fresh product requiring refrigeration to shelf stable, aseptically processed foods.

Bag-in-box processed food applications…

Dairy Products
Edible Oils
Liquid Egg
Processed Fruits


Contact us about our processed foods bag-in-box packaging solutions.

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Rapak can also help you design a package for processed food products as well as all other aspects of the bag in box packing process.

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